Recover All Deleted Contacts - Contact Recovery

Recover All Deleted Contacts is the easiest way to recover a deleted contact and restore all your contacts from your phone without the need of computer or synchronization. You can back up all your contacts.

Easily recover your deleted contacts. Even after you reset your phone. You can also restore contacts and numbers from your old mobile phone.


- Recover deleted contacts using tap water or by clicking on deleted contacts, you can restore your contacts.
- You can restore all deleted contacts with the app menu button on the right.
- Easy to use application, restore your contacts.
- Restore contact display in device fraud.
- Recover Deleted Contacts.
- Your address book is safe and secure. Access does not save contact.
- Use deleted contacts, you can restore your friends contacts.
- You can use it to restore deleted contacts from your family.
- You can use the Deleted Contact Restore contact for your company.
- You can restore all deleted contacts using the menu button in the upper right corner of the app.
- You can easily restore contacts using this application.
- You restore the display of contacts in your device cone.

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Recover all deleted contacts

Recover All Deleted Contacts App You are not afraid to lose any number, if you have not lost any of them yet, you can only make a backup for your contacts, but if you have already lost a number or you have lost one or all of your contacts If deleted. Even with bugs you can restore them all with one click.

contact recovery

Explore hidden areas of the Android Contacts database, and if the operation is performed quickly after the deletion, this app recovers all deleted contacts, saving selected contacts from the recycle bin.

Contacts Backup

This Recover Deleted All Contacts app is a tool which will help you to recover lost contacts which you deleted by mistake it makes contact backup by tapping on this option you will get backup

contact restore

This application can restore all your manually deleted contacts.

Delete duplicates

Having the same address book for many years, switching phones, importing contacts from other sources can lead to the appearance of all duplicate contacts who can find duplicate contacts by assigning contacts with the same names or identical phone numbers and email addresses. Will assist you in merging. It also helps you remove duplicate names from the address book and remove duplicates within contacts.

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