RO નું પાણી પીતા હોય તો ચેતી જાજો, 100થી વધુ બીમારીઓની જડ છે આ RO નું પાણી.

Today we will talk about water here.  Only 3% of the water in our world is potable and 3% is in ice.  So 1% water is saved.  According to a research, it is estimated that by 205, 6 out of 7 people in the world will be living in an area where there is a shortage of water.

RO નું પાણી પીતા હોય તો ચેતી જાજો, 100થી વધુ બીમારીઓની જડ છે આ RO નું પાણી.

Friends, in view of all these figures, the National Green Tribunal has demanded that our country should use RO ie reverse osmosis technology and regularize it regularly.  Talking to the Ministry of National Green Tribunal, he said that RO should regularize the technology

Friends, now RO means water passes through high pressure semi permeable membrane which reduces the overall hardness of water.  That's why we use TDS (Total de Solids) to measure the hardness of water

Friends, nowadays we are drinking RO water in our house also.  So why did the NGT talk of regularizing the RO process?  Because if you put 30 liters of water in our house RO, then only 3 liters of potable water comes out of it.

Friends, the 15 liters of water that has been raised above this and that water goes into the ground, then that water also spoils the ground water.  There is no need for us to use domestic RO at home which is wrong.  Then there is another reason why the hardness which is reduced by water, we are taking great risk to health.

According to a report by Friends NGT, drinking water with low amounts of magnesium and calcium is harmful to your health.  WHO (World Health Organisation) is such that water should not be less than 8 or 100 TDS.  Drink 150 tds of water.

Friends, use RO only when the water coming to your house or drinking water whose TDS is more than 200 is also using RO, in which the water recovery is 50%.  That is, if 20 liters of water is poured, then 15 liters of water and 5 liters of nose should be wasted.

According to the Friends NGT organization, Ro's machine must have a health hazard warning sign.  And it should be written that drinking water with low TDS causes harm to the body.  We can use it for washing dishes, flushing, vehicle washing, house cleaning as long as the RO water has a TDS of 2100.

And there should also be a live TDS meter on the RO machine so that we can know how much water we drink with TDS.  And if we drink water with low TDS then it is harmful for the body.

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