Change the photo background editor

Download this fun app to automatically remove backgrounds like real magic. This app helps users to erase objects from image with one touch and apply any wallpaper from internet. With this app you don't have to be a professional photographer who can manipulate and enhance images. You can convert your images into pro-quality images in seconds.

Why download Photo Background Changer App?

This app uses AI method to automatically separate unwanted objects and humans. The human edge in this app is as simple as ever. Once you've changed the wallpaper we have added a full editor in the form of post processing to make your photos look polished like never before!

key features:

Unlimited Stock: Erase and change background of your photo with just one click.

Focus: Remove unwanted objects and people from your favorite pictures. Easily crop and fix photo errors and erase even the tiniest part.

You want to cut your images easily, don't wait any longer, just download this background app.

✔ Adjustments: Want to edit like a professional photo editor? We offer you a full range of editing tools.

✔ Cut a photo to any size;

Resize images for any social platform;

✔ Apply beautiful effects and filters to make your photos shine;

✔ Creative overlays are available to provide lightning effects;

✔ Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation etc.;

✔ Huge funny stickers;

✔ Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Light, Saturation, Temperature, Tint;

✔ Cut, Rotate, Vertical and Horizon;

✔ Adjust Color, Sharp, Grain, Denizen, Black, White, Atmosphere, Fog, Vignette, etc.;

✔ fit and limit your photos for social platforms;

✔ creative stickers;

✔ Create your own text with different fonts, styles, quotes and more;

✔ Share high resolution photos on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

✔ 1 touch photo background editor

✔ Create unlimited stickers and save your PNG image.

✔ object remover with manual tool

✔ Photo Editor: You can do any editing in your image by autofocus on yourself

✔ Web Search: You can search any photo from Google after you erase your background

✔ Save your own stickers

Simple and Easy Photo Editor:

This background photo eraser is one of the amazing editing software that you will need on your android mobile.


The simplest and easiest way to combine two images together with advanced photo editing and enhancement options.

Photo Stickers:

Apply funny and cute stickers. Variety of sticker range is available.

Fit and Resize:

Now you can fit your photos and resize any social media platform.

photo border:

With over 100+ picture borders to perfectly frame photos or videos in any format.

Add text to photo:

Over 10+ unique fonts to add a complete message to your images. Choose any font, color, layout and border to put full text on the photo.

Download Background Changer App to enjoy unlimited experience. Get to the places you've always wanted to visit in just 1 click. The best free editor with a creative tool to enhance, stylize and animate your images. We provide every tool in this app to give a professional look to your photos.

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