circle it generational platform

100% FREE, PRIVATE & SECURE - Our first generation platform of its kind allows you to create and send digital cards, memories, flowers and gifts - even long after you are gone.

⇨ Send a card to your 3 year old on his 16th birthday today.

⇨ Record a story for your granddaughter so they can remember your voice.

⇨ Send flowers to your new bride today on her 10th anniversary.

how it works

  1. Create a custom card for any holiday or occasion. Or, just because.
  2. Attach a memory they'll always cherish - voice recording, photo or video.
  3. Add a physical flower bouquet or gift to give with your card.
  4. Select any future date and time to send your card.
  5. Your card and attached memory will be kept safe on CircleIt for years to come.

download this app 👉click here

👉Share and store memories, stories, knowledge and family values ​​for future generations.
👉Never miss birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or countless other milestones.
👉Send custom digital cards for any milestone in life - years, or decades, in advance.
👉Order delivery of physical flowers and gifts at any future date.
👉Preserve your childhood stories, family traditions and candid photos.
👉Develop deep relationships with the people who matter most - no matter the distance.
👉Send a special reminder of your love - even on the go with our patented SmartCard® technology.
👉We are not social media, we are made to keep you closer to your inner circle of family and friends.
👉Free, private and secure - and we will never sell your data or allow ads.

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