This man made his 13 wives pregnant together

 Raipur. This world is also very strange and you will get to see strange matters. Nowadays a picture has created a stir on social media. In which a man is standing with 13 pregnant women. You might not be sure to hear that the person is none other than the husband of 13 pregnant women who claimed to have pregnant their 13 wives simultaneously.

This man made his 13 wives pregnant together

Actually a person living in Nigeria has 13 wives who are always together. The most interesting thing is that all got pregnant at the same time. All these women have no quarrel about anything and they take care of each other's needs. And the child that is lying in the stomach of these women belongs to this man. Actually Nigerian law allows men to have more than one marriage.

But the interesting thing is that these women have no idea that they all got married to the same man and got pregnant by him. And let us tell you that there is a difference of only 3 to 5 weeks in pregnancy of these women. However, many media institutions have denied that this photo is not real, but photoshopped. Now whatever the reality, but this picture remains a matter of curiosity among the people.

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