BPL List How to Download New BPL List

BPL List  How to Download New BPL List

bpl means below poverty line i.e. as we all know that the population of the country is increasing very fast every year. In view of this increasing population, according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the population in the country has been divided into different categories. One of them is bpl. The bpl list is prepared on the basis of the economic status and family status of the citizens of the country. The complete list has been released online by the central government. Anyone who wants to see their name under this list can check their name by visiting the official website. The complete process of online name check is explained in this article below. Apart from this, any citizen of the country can also take advantage of the schemes run by the central government like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana  pm Ujjwala Yojana  pm Sahaj Bijli Ghar Yojana and any other social welfare schemes.  There are plans.

What is BPL card?

As we have already told our readers that according to the census of the country, the list of bpl cards is issued by the state government and the The central government takes into account the income of the people and the status of the family. Through this card, the families below the poverty line get the benefits of health, education, government scheme, government ration and other government schemes from the central government.This time bpl list 2021 is being prepared by the central government according to secc 2011 bpl list and census new bpll list 2021. Any family falling below the poverty line gets separate reserves by the central government and the state government. Through this bpl card every family can avail benefits of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal Yojana, Har Ghar Bijli and other schemes.

What is the purpose of New bpl List 2021?

As we all know that those people are kept in bpl category whose economic condition and family condition is not good. Before the online portal, all these people had to visit the government offices several times to search or see their name in the bpl list. The solution to this problem has been given by the central government, for which people used to spend a lot of time, now people can save their time and check their name in bpl list sitting at home. For this, the beneficiaries can check their name in the bpl list by visiting the official website of secc 2011 mnrega online. The complete procedure to check beneficiary name in bpl list is given below.

What are the benefits of BPL List 2021?

  1. If a person or his entire family comes below the poverty line, then he will get a lot of benefits under many government schemes.
  2. Any person sitting at home can check his name in bpl list through internet.
  3. If a person's family or person himself comes below the poverty line or his name comes in the bpl list, then he gets a lot of extra help from the central government. Its
  4. Along with this, their children also get scholarship and employment.
  5. Anyone whose family comes below the poverty line and his name comes in the bpl list, then that family gets subsidy and ration in the depot. within the ration
  6. Wheat, rice, pulses, sugar and many other things are provided to the individual by the central government.
  7. Any family with bpl card is also allowed in schemes like education, government schemes, medical etc.
  8. If a person or his family is proud, then he also gets a lot of benefits from being a bpl holder.

What is the process to check name in BPL list?

If any citizen of the country wants to check his/her name in bpl list then read and follow the below given procedure carefully. Under this scheme, the citizens of the country are placed in the bpl list in two important ways of the central government. Any citizen of the country can veriname under bpl list on the basis of two ways.

On the basis of names included in nrega scheme

  • Any person who has been employed under mgnrega by the Central Government or State Government. Because those people are also given employment under the mgnrega scheme, so the economic income and family situation of China is not good. Or those who come below the poverty line. Any citizen can check bpl list 2021 by looking at nrega list. For this the following procedure should be carefully read and followed.
  • Firstly the beneficiary has to check his/her name in the bpl list then he/she has to visit the official website under secc 2011 menrega.
  • The beneficiary has to click here to visit the official website. Only after clicking the beneficiary will reach the home page of the official website.
  • After this the beneficiary will see a blue form in front of him. Under this form, the beneficiary has to give correct information about his state, district, tehsil and gram panchayat.
  • After filling all the information the beneficiary has to click on the submit button.
  • After clicking, a list will appear in front of the beneficiary. In this list a complete bpl list with name, gender, age, category, father's name, total members, deprivation code and count will be shown to the beneficiary below.
  • Anyone can check their name in this list. There is a print option at the end of this list, which prints this bpl list.
  • Or candidates can save or download this list by converting it to any other format.
How to check name in bpl list by state?
Any person can verify his her name under bpl list by state. To check their name one can visit the official website of any of these and check their name in bpl list by state. One can check their name by visiting the official website of Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies. We have listed some of the states below.

How any person will check name in bpl list through mobile app?
  • An online portal was started by the central government to view the bpl list, but now from the online portal anyone can view the bpl list through their mobile.
  • For this first person should have android mobile. After this, open the Google Play Store app.
  • Now in app search bar have to search bpl ration card list.
  • The bpl Ration Card List app has to be opened. Also it has to be installed.
  • Now this app is successfully installed inside the mobile phone of the holder. After this the person has to open this app.
  • As soon as the person opens the app, a link to the checklist will appear, that person has to click on that link.
  • A new page will open in front of the person. Fill all the correct information asked on that page. After filling the information, the person has to click on the submit button.
  • After successful completion of all these procedures the list of bpl holders will come on the person's phone. Individuals can have their own name under this list.

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