Drought relief for farmers.

Drought has been witnessed in Gujarat due to insufficient rainfall this year. Rainfall has been very low in many parts of Gujarat.

Rainfall is very low in more than 144 talukas of Gujarat. Farmers' crops have been severely damaged due to declining rainfall. Farmers' crops have dried up. The situation has become serious as farmers are not getting enough water. In which Gujarat government has started giving assistance to farmers.

Drought causes severe damage to crops and farmers do not get enough produce which is why we know that farmers' debt is not paid due to insufficient production. Under the crop failure assistance scheme, farmers get Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per hectare and the crop of farmers who have failed. Necessary documents have to be filled and the form has to be filled

Disaster relief programs

Provides financial and technical assistance to drought-affected areas through disaster relief programs. These include emergency assistance and loans for damage to crops, livestock, trees and farmland. Use the Disaster Assistance Discovery Tool to explore programs

Environmental Quality Inspiration Program

The Environmental Quality Incentive Program provides agricultural producers to address concerns about natural resources and deliver environmental benefits, such as improved water and air quality, protected land and surface water, soil health and soil erosion reduction and siltation, improved or created wildlife habitat, and Mitigation against increasing weather volatility and drought resilience.

For many years we have seen that rain in wells and rivers has dried up if there is not enough rain. In it we often face natural giving.

Most of the people in our country are involved in agriculture and if there is not enough rain, the kharif crop will be severely damaged and dried up. Rainfall is declining in 144 talukas of Gujarat.

વિડિઓ દ્વારા માહિતી મેવો અહીં ક્લીક કરીને 

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