Music Player, Mp3 Player App is the best media player for your mobile.

Music Player, Mp3 Player App is the best media player for your mobile. This app quickly detects all the song formats. You can view music through a few convenient categories: Song Title, Artist, Album. Music player provides high quality sound and better experience. If you want to change music information and customize its size, "Music Player" is the best choice. The Music Player app can play all formats of music files. Like: mp3, flac, ogg ... Because mp3 format is the most popular song format in Android, so we also call it mp3 player.

Music player helps you listen to music everywhere, play any of your favorite songs with high quality. Music player automatically scans all music and groups them by title, artist, album. It's easy to find the song you want. Supports audio equalizer to improve music sound. Listening to songs every day on music player is a smart choice.

Free Music Player - Mp3 Player has some of the following features:

✔ Show all music and audio files in music library and hidden folders.
✔ Offline Music Player. Play a song on your phone.
✔ Categories: Album, Artist, Genre, Song, Playlist, Directory.
✔ Mini music player on lock screen and status bar. Give you enough things: album artwork, title and artist. You can control with buttons: Run, Pause, Quit and Stop.
✔ Run forward, backward, backward, stop, fast forward. There is a queue of songs.
✔ Support share music
✔ Equalizer. Built-in equalizer makes this mp3 player a lot of options for users while listening to music.
✔ Theme. Customize skin of mp3 music player.
✔ Edit the content of music and audio files by removing parts.
✔ Ringtone maker. Can set music as ringtone
✔ edit tags. Can change song title, album name, artist name.
✔ Headphones and Bluetooth. You can play, pause, further by pressing the button on the headphones. Music player is working fine with bluetooth headphones.
✔ Search. Search by entering something like title (song name), album, artist, playlist.
✔ Organize playlists. Gives you basic functions for managing playlists including: create, update, delete playlists. Easy to add album, artist, song, genre directory to playlist. Recent playlists included.
✔ Support music player widget.
✔ Show song picture, artist picture and album cover.

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I hope this free music player brings you the best experience. I try my best but if you have any problem listening to music in my music player app please let me know. I'll fix them.

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